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350 Ton Injection Molding Machine from Guanxin Plastic Machinery is special optimized moulding machine. Our 350 Ton Plastic Injection Molding Machine is with tie-bar distant 680 x 680mm and platen size 990 x 990mm, which is bigger than most of our competitors. 350 ton clamping force is the basic clamping force and with same safty ratio for the mechanics of machinery. Guanxin Plastic Machinery 350 ton plastic injection molding machines have dozens configurations dedicated designed for wide range products manufacturing. Please check below details specifications and parameters for your further information.


Injection Unit Specifications of 350 Ton Injection Molding Machine


v  The innovative design of nitride hardened sever screw and barrel, particular screw washer, collar and distributor with new technics, which improve plasticizing and wearing.

v  The injection part USES the casting base and linear guide rail, and the two-cylinder balanced injection device, injection unit incorporates optimizing injection supporting seat, front carriage assembly and rear plate assembly with balanced twin cylinder injection unit for enviously distributed force and rapid screw motion.

v  Nozzle alignment is provided using a simple mechanism with fine adjustment fo accurate centering.

v  Injection stroke controlled by linear transducer, carriage stroke controlled by limit switch, plasticizing speed detection.

v  Cols start prevention, alarm for injection failue Melting cable device.

v  Melting cable devive.

v  Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements.


Clamping Unit Specifications of 350 Ton Injection Molding Machine


v  Finite element analysis casting ensures mechanical rigidity of the clamping mechanism, single casting of toggle link on the movable platen and stationary platen which enhances rigidity of the clamping unit.

v  Innovative and heavy-duty S points toggle mechanism with same opening stroke, required.

v  less motion time. also gives optimal mould closing and opening speed profile. Under the low pressure and flow the mold. is adjusted placidly and low noisy with the optimizing gear mold mechanism, The lubrication pipeline USES the hard tube layout, the reliability is high, the service life is long.

v  Auto_circle lubrication filtrate system ensures lubrication adequately and save much lube.

v  Ejector and clamping stroke controlled by linear transducer.

v  Fast clamping function, metal strip under the clamping unit, provide protection for wearing.

v  Chrome plated tie bars which made from alloy structural steel are designed manufactured for high rigidity and wear resistance.

Full Servo Driver


§  High efficiency: It’s fast for responses to reduce the processes switch over time as a result of cuttings the producing cycle. For instance. it costs 35ms for flow from rest to full charge and the pressure reaches at the maximum 40ms.

§  Accurate Precision Adopted Closed Loop Control system. Injection Pressure and speed are real time closed loop control (Pressure sensor and rotary transformer). The can catch 3%. In this case, comparing with the coordinative technical of the normal catches 6%.

§  Energy-Saving Cooperating the top professional manufacturer on the globe with our senior Chinese and German designers,the excellent performance is under low pressure and speed (low velocity stability), According to the variety of injection technology(significant on both holding and cooling phases), when comparing with the traditional design injection moulding machine can achieve energy saving 20-80%.

§  Quiet workshop: Introducing overseas original hydraulic pumd and working in the designed hydraulic pumd of specialization widely reduce noise and economize cooling water.

§  The most valuable clauses on guarantee the quality: For client’s benefit,we promise to exchange, return and maintain our servo motor for 2 years.


Hydraulic System Specifications of 350 Ton Injection Moulding Machine


§  New frame design, high rigidity, low vibration and low noise.

§  The gravity hydraulic system adopts the cooperation of world famous brand oil pump and control valve,

§  which can precisely control the force, speed and direction of the hydraulic mechanism to ensure the accuracy, reliability and durability of the whole machine.

§  The oil valve plate is distributed in the actuator accessories (by cylinder, oil motor), the reaction speed is fast and the dynamic performance is good.

§  Repair piping layout is more reasonable and beautiful, and maintenance is convenient.

§  Sound main hydraulic components, seals all use world famous brand.

§  Hydraulic system is all connected by straight teeth and sealing ring, good sealing, easy to disassemble. 

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