1000kn Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


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Application Field

This series testing machine UTM designed of PC display and manual drive hydraulic loading system, main engine controller separately fixed. It has the characteristics of operation amenity, working steady, high accuracy and loading steady. It is used to stretch, compress, curve and cut metal cement, concrete, plastic & so on.

Key Features:

1. Fuel tank is mounted under the host, tensile test space is located above the host, compression, bending, shearing test space is located under the host, means between beam & worktable.

2. The structure is designed with solid four column and two screw, the whole machine has strong stability.

3. The host is designed all-inclusively to ensure its super strong stiffness so that it can resist micro-deformation when it is loading.

4. Middle beam adopts adjustable gap screw-nut mechanism, eliminating the gap and improving the measurement performance.

5. Fuel tank adopts gap sealed, improving the measurement accuracy and also extending service lifetime.

6. When the test force exceeds 2% - 5% of the maximum test force of each file, overload protection, it will stop.

7. When the piston rises to the upper limit position, travel protection, pump motor will stop.

 Accoring to the Standard

It meels the requirements of the national GB/T228.1-2010 "Metal Material Tensile Test Method at Room Temperature", GB/T7314-2005 "Metal Compression Test Standards. It can meet the requirements of users and the standards provided.

Transmission System

The lifting and lowering of the lower crossbeam adopts a motor driven by a reducer, a chain transmission mechanism, and a screw pair to realize the adjustable of the tension and compression space.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic in the oil tank is driven by the motor to drive the high-pressure pump into the oil circuit, flows through the one-way valve, high pressure of the filter, differntial pressure valve group and servo valve and constant velocity displacement.


Technical Specification






2 Column

6 Column

2 Screws

2 Screws

Max. Load Force




Displacement Resolution


Clamping Method

Manual clamping or Hydraulic clamping

Piston Stroke (Customizatble) (mm)


Tensile space (mm)


Compression Space (mm)


Round Specimen Clamping Range(mm)


Flat Specimen Clamping Range(mm)


Compression Plate(mm)



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