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Labocon Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS-100 Series spectrophotometer, which offer superior base line stability of 0.002A/30min with advance optical system to ensure simple and reliable solution for trace elemental analysis.


• Gas Control

Software controlled quick gas conversion and safety protection device used to analyze air acetylene flame and nitrous oxide-acetylene flame.

• Spray Chamber Metal Glass Spray

Burner Corrosion resistant titanium burners available for both air/acetylene and nitrous-oxide acetylene.

• Safety System

Safety interlock mechanism that monitors the burner type, burner fitted, gas pressures. Flame on/off sensors; Power failure automatic shutdown. Liquid trap system, pressure relief plug and flame shield to protect from UV radiation.

• Double beam

Technical Specification:

Wavelength Range

190-900 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

≤±0.5 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

≤0.3 nm (single direction)

Spectral Bandwidth

0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 1.4, 2.4, 5.0 nm

Temperature Range


Working Humidity




Baseline Stability


Characteristic Concentration Limit

Cu: ≤0.04g/ml/1%

Detection Limit

Cu: 0.008g/ml

Background Calibration

Greater than 30 times

Overall Dimension

1220x770x730 mm


160 kg


660 W

Power Supply

220V 50Hz

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