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Brand: SAKO

Capacity: 30Kva to 100Kva +

Type: AVR


 Automatic voltage regulation     

 Protection against Low voltage & over voltage     

 Wide input voltage range     

 Short circuit & over load protection     

 Analog meter display      

 Selectable delay Time     

 Built-in transformer: relay type      

 Quick response

Usage Areas:

 In the energy line entries of hospitals, hotels, factories and industrial facilities,

 In the energy infrastructure problematic enterprises,

 Inductive loads including inductors such as air conditioner, fan, pump,

 In the elevator,

 Home, office and smart Buildings,

 In medical devices,

 Printing machinery, On CNC machine tools,

 Telecommunication equipment,

 Automation equipment, industrial robots, laser devices,

 Textile and drying machines,

 Packaging, bottling machines, In injection and extruders,

 Woodworking edge cutting, edge banding, turning and milling.

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