CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

At first, I want to give thanks to the Almighty for giving us the ability, workmanship to run Magnet Electronics for a long time with good reputation. I can still remember when we started, we were not this much larger but we are now at this stage because of our quality, commitment, ability & hard work. I would like to mention that we have already provided the power solution for a lot of large private firm, bank, insurance company, telecommunication sector, Industry etc. successfully. We would also like to give thanks to our honorable clients who have helped us by giving us support to grow up. We always care our honorable clients. 

We always welcome suggestion from the clients & a group of highly qualified engineers are always ready to take care of the clients. In addition, we believe ourselves this reputation comes from our advance marketing and technical expertise, years of field experience and dedication to developing a good product. Also due to the keen support and sacrifice Magnet Electronics become well known in global market. As a power solution company in this competitive market, we are excited to provide the solution of power which is actually our national problem. 

We will try our level best for provide quality product & service for long run of Magnet Electronics which is actually our dream. This website will highlight our products specification, achievements & quality. I am confident enough that Magnet Electronics will make its mark in the industry very soon. I wish the honorable clients can be able to recognize us by this website. Furthermore, your mutual and keen support to Magnet Electronics with all kinds of business concern would by highly appreciated.

Engr. Md. Yousuf Ali


Magnet Electronics